79-ft. HybridDX™ vs. 135-ft. dipole

In the frequency sweeps below, both antennas are constructed of bare copper wire (18 AWG) and supported at 60' AGL.

You'll note comparable SWR data across the entire HF spectrum (160-6m). 
analysis for 450Ω ladder line feeder.

As mentioned here our Web site, our multi-year design goal was to emulate the operation and performance of a full-size 135-ft. dipole in a much smaller footprint. Over 10,000 4NEC2 computer simulations, and many real-world constructions and tests, led to the HybridDX™ design that closely mirrors the characteristics (including SWR profile) of a 135-ft. dipole fed with ladder line -- but in just 79 feet of horizontal space. Its various constructions and configurations are patented, with additional configurations patent pending.

79-ft. HybridDX™

135-ft. dipole

Additional information regarding SWR:

Both a 135-ft. dipole and the HybridDX™ antenna are non-resonant, multi-band antennas. Both antennas inherently have SWR measurements that will vary from band to band, as well as by the real-world situations and environments they are installed in. The varying SWR is integral to the nature of these antennas. Both a 135-ft. dipole and the HybridDX™ antenna maintain an SWR profile within a targeted range, allowing them to perform across a wide envelope of the HF spectrum.

The above SWR frequency sweeps, as plotted by 4NEC2, displays the engineered similarities. Across the HF spectrum, even with the full-size 135-ft. antenna, SWR readings between 2 - 9 (or greater) are common, as the plots show.  However, the ladder line feeder helps maintain overall efficiency.  Even in a high-SWR circumstance -- say 9:1 SWR -- both antenna designs will have minimal power loss.  In this example, using 75 feet of ladder line (as is supplied with the HybridDX™ antenna), the "SWR loss” would be truly tiny:  only about a tenth of a dB (0.139 dB).  And, as we hams know, it takes 6dB of change on the transmitter side to register a single S unit on the receiving side.

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