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The patented, performance-proven 


160-6m capabilities of a traditional 135-foot dipole in just 79 feet.

    PLUS *instantly customizable* antenna patterns! 

  PLUS up to 9x extreme weather durability. Antenna wire can't stretch or snap. 

  Work the world -- with high performance -- in a fraction of the space!

   Computer-designed hybrid wire antenna for the modern era of ham radio.™


79-ft. HybridDX™ vs. 135-ft. dipole. 
Comparable SWR across the entire HF spectrum


79-ft. HybridDX™: 
Optimized SWR across all HF Bands

60' AGL. 18 AWG bare copper wire. 
4NEC2 analysis

135-ft. dipole:
60' AGL. 18 AWG bare copper wire. 
4NEC2 analysis

NOTE:   Click here for full-size SWR graphics and additional technical details

 Optimized combination of horizontal, vertical, and efficient linear-loading! 

 Full legal-limit power handling. 

 94% average Radiated Power (94.17w/100w, 4NEC2) across all HF bands (160-6m). 

 Superior to ordinary dipoles, G5RVs, and old-school wire designs. 

 Perfect for DX chasing.  Great edge in contesting, too!

 Up to 9x durability!*  Patented design -- no linear tension on the antenna wire.  The wire is suspended from the support rope by U.V. stabilized polymer spreaders.  *770-pound break strength of 3/16" marine grade, U.V. stabilized, double-braided black Dacron/polyester rope vs. 213-pound break strength of 14 AWG hard-drawn copper wire or 85-pound break strength of 18 AWG hard-drawn copper wire.

 Unsurpassed combination of all-HF-band tunability, efficiency, broadside performance, and weather durability.

 The result of more than a decade of R&D with the latest technology tools and computer analysis, PLUS real-world use by actual hamsIt's the dipole antenna -- reinvented -- for the modern era of ham radio.™

 75 feet of quality 450-ohm ladder line included For maximum efficiency, transition to quality coax via a 1:1 current balun (rated 1.8-54 MHz). Coax should be < 20 feet; the shorter the better to maintain efficiency. Connect to a tuner, ideally external to the rig but inside the shack.

 Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


In seconds you can customize your HybridDX™ antenna to your precise operating needs. 

Our simple Antenna Clip-Up™ system lets you fine-tune the antenna to create various antenna patterns. 

Standard configuration:  Broadest patterns / minimum nulls.  Maximum Performance Configuration:  Tightest patterns / greatest broadside directivity.  The choice is yours

Just move the all-polymer carabiner clip to lift the vertical end wires toward the support rope.  That's it!  No other wire antenna gives you this instant performance versatility!



Standard Configuration

Broadest patterns / minimum nulls

Widest choice of antenna orientation

Superb general-purpose configuration

(Vertical ends droop down approx. 28 ft.)

Maximum Performance Configuration

Tightest patterns

Greatest broadside directivity,
especially on 20m

Best for contesting and DX

(Lowest point of curled ends approx. 17.5 ft. from horizontal portion of antenna)


Reference Antenna

135-ft. dipole


Click on patterns below for full-size graphics:








4NEC2 analysis.  All wire types and conditions identical.  Data at 60' AGL. 
RED = Azimuth (horizontal)
  BLUE = Elevation (vertical)



 Great primary QTH antenna.  While no antenna is impervious to all weather conditions, the HybridDX™ gives you a distinct advantage for rough-weather survivability.

 Excellent, no-compromise antenna for Field Day, emergency communications, etc.

 PATENTED.  Multiple U.S. patents issued and multiple additional patents pending.

 12 years of R&D.  Initial prototype still in service after a decade of New England winters!

 Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

 The HybridDX™ system includes:  Pre-measured / pre-cut solid copper antenna wires (18 AWG), 75 feet of quality 450-ohm ladder line, rugged feedline interface, ultra-durable 3/16" support rope, polymer spreaders, stainless-steel hardware, ring lug connectors (pre-soldered to the antenna wires), and complete instructions.

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The following are links to unsolicited / uncompensated reviews from the amateur radio community.  We thank them for sharing their experiences, observations, and results.  If you post a Web review and would us to include a link to it here, please e-mail the link to:  hybdriddx@qsradio.com

 “HybridDX Antenna for 160 – 6 Meters.”  Product Review by QST Magazine. October 2020 issue.

 “The HybridDX Antenna Review” by John McEwing, KC1FWU

 "HybridDX™ Installation Report" by John Warren, KO4AJE


 You can easily optimize frequency matching without removing the antenna from the support rope.  Just tweak the vertical wire lengths for spot-on tuning.  It's another unique, ease-of-use benefit of the HybridDX™ antenna!

 As mentioned above, we recommend transitioning from the supplied 450-ohm ladder line to quality coax via a 1:1 current balun (1.8-54 MHz). There are excellent wide-range 1:1 current baluns from Balun Designs, DX Engineering, LDG, MFJ, and Palomar Engineers. Many of these have been tested with actual HybridDX™ installations. 

 "Why a 1:1 balun and not a 4:1 balun?"  The fine technical team at DX Engineering provides an excellent answer for all multi-band dipole-style antennas"DO NOT match the balun impedance to the transmission line impedance. On non-resonant doublet antennas the transmission line is grossly mismatched. This means the impedance at the balun and tuner varies greatly from band-to-band. Tuners have an easier time with modest to high impedances. They don't work well into very low impedances. A balun with a ratio of 4:1 or more will transform the already low impedances appearing on some bands to even lower values. This will greatly reduce system efficiency and reduce tuner power ratings. The 1:1 ratio balun will just pass the low impedance through. In addition, higher ratio baluns will not handle differential impedance extremes nearly as well as 1:1 current baluns."  https://www.dxengineering.com/techarticles/balunsandfeedlinechokes/baluns-choosing-the-correct-balun

 "Can I try a 4:1 balun?  That's what I already have."  Even though we strongly recommend a 1:1 current balun for the transition from ladder line to coax, as that is what the engineering and user experiences suggest are optimum, a variable in your particular installation may bias things more towards a 4:1.  You may even find that a certain band tunes better with one balun ratio vs. another.  Explore and experiment.  That's the hallmark of ham radio. 

 Some users have found that they prefer running the ladder line all the way to the tuner’s balanced line input. Most tuners have a 4:1 balun on the other side of the balanced line posts; that’s how the transition is made to the unbalanced input the transmitter is expecting. Even so, the particulars of that particular balun, located right before the tuning components, may work well for you.  Give it a try.

 As is typical with multi-band antennas fed with ladder line, for optimal performance you may need to add or subtract an odd 1/8 wavelengh of feedline if a band is fidgety to tune. Please refer to this fine reference for additional info:  https://kv5r.com/ham-radio/ladder-line/ladder-line-page-3/

 160m operation:  The 79-ft. HybridDX™ is engineered to replicate the performance of a 135-ft. dipole antenna.  All 135-ft. dipoles can be challenging to tune on 160m.  Even so, with a wide-range 160m-capable tuner, solid performance can be achieved with the HybridDX™ on this band -- and, in fact, is used frequently on 160m nets and contests.  All in just 79 feet.  The HybridDX™ has been tested on 160m with both modern and vintage tuners, including the MFJ-993B IntelliTuner™,  SGC SG-239 Smartuner™, Palstar AT2K 2000 HF antenna tuner, MFJ-941E Versa Tuner II, MFJ-969 Deluxe Versa Tuner II, and Ten-Tec 228 and 229 tuners.  As every home and installation situation is unique, experimenting with the length of your ladder line, as mentioned above, can be helpful.


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Manufactured and marketed under license by Quicksilver Radio Products.  (203) 440-4973.

Patented.  Multiple patents issued and multiple additional patents pending.

Quicksilver Radio Products is the exclusive licensee of the patented technology.

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